Myra Reldon (myra_reldon) wrote in the_27th_rpg,
Myra Reldon

After-adventure coffee ((Closed: Steph and Myra))

Having notified the local police of the situation at Cryogenics, INC., accosted a curious villain that had decided to use ice as an offensive weapon, and run into a strange woman wielding bat-shaped boomerangs sitting on top of the place where all this had happened, there was little chance Myra was about to let Steph simply go off on her merry way without questions. She knew though, that just as many questions would come up about herself, and while she would try to field whatever ones she could, it was a risk, but she had to take it. If she wanted to make sure that Steph wouldn’t go running off and blabbing the story until it made its way around to a stoolie, she had to sit down and have a brief exchange of information.

“Come on, let’s get some coffee.” Code for: We need to talk. She motioned for Steph to follow, and padded along, looking for a late-night coffee shop. In this district, she’d be hard pressed not to find one. There were enough graveyard shifts to warrant at least one shop. Turning onto a more main road, she wasn’t disappointed to see the lighted window and a 24-hour sign glaring garishly into the night. The cops would be likely to use a road like this one to reach the scene of the incident, and the window would provide a good spot to watch from. “That’ll work. Come on, it's on me.”
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