Chastity Killian [Faith Lehane] (not_hope_but) wrote in the_27th_rpg,
Chastity Killian [Faith Lehane]

There are other dangers in the night ((Open post in the City!))

((This post follows immediately after the log posted, and is Faith's arrival post. Faith, like Buffy, is AU as of the middle of season three.))

So after what felt like forever in Chicago, sneaking around right under the noses of the local pigs, it seemed like Buffy'd finally gotten word of something interesting going on. Their agreement had been to lay low -- that was the whole reason they'd come to Chicago, was to lay low. But damn if Faith hadn't been chafing at the bit, bored and desperate for something to kill--slay.

Look, they were Slayers, it was what they did.

Anyway, she'd been restless, and Buffy's "ice demon" or whatever was the perfect opportunity to get her shakes out. Dressed in tight black, a stake at one side and Buffy at the other, Faith prowled the streets, eager for a fight.
Tags: arrival post, buffy summers, faith lehane, in the city, open post, renfield turnbull
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