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Log: Dinner Ready by 7 ((Closed RP, Buffy and Faith))

Who: Buffy and Faith (AKA Anne and Chastity)
Where: Their apartment downtown
What: Buffy tells Faith about Chicago's latest menace over dinner, and they plan to go patrolling.

Note: Hello and welcome to logs! Obviously most of the RP here is done by threads, but! If you have a small closed scene like this, and you prefer to do it over AIM, feel free. Just make sure to post it to the comm, with whatever relevant info in the header, like so.

Faith: So it turned out that Chicago agreed with Faith -- or Chastity, these days. The part they were in, anyway. Yeah, it was kinda dismal-chic with a side of junkies and homeless guys, but it was her scene, exciting and fast-moving and dangerous. And no one asked too many questions, that was the best part. And the ones who did... no one asked too much what happened to them.

Point was, it agreed with her. Sunnydale was quickly becoming a distant and horrible memory. She loved their crappy little apartment, their dirty block, the El, the clubs, everything. She didn't need to let Sunnydale haunt her. She had everything she needed right here... Plus, one kick-ass roommate.

Who had really weird employment choices. With Buffy at the station all day, and Faith not about to go near the damn place, the housekeeping had fallen to her. She'd just gotten dinner out of the microwave when she heard the front door. "Honey, you're home," she smirked, turning to look.

Buffy: Buffy looked over at the other Slayer and gave her that patented "Buffy" look. The blonde Slayer was as uptight as ever, but it didn't mean much in the face of coming here with Faith.

Buffy wasn't taking it quite as well. She'd left behind friends, family and Watcher. And Angel. And it was hard on her. A lot of days she questioned what she was doing, but not when she came home. Between the time she came home and the time she went to sleep, that's when she was at ease. It was hard to look at Faith and not remember when she was a first-called Slayer, uncertain of her destiny, or what it meant to have that kind of responsibility. Back in LA, Buffy hadn't even had the responsibility of a goldfish before Merrick was putting the weight of the world on her shoulders. It wasn't hard to imagine making a mistake back then, or even now.

She didn't question her decision in the face of Faith's freedom, but she did miss Sunnydale, and everything that came with it.

"What's for dinner?"

Faith: "Uh..." Faith glanced at the little trays... Then, still unable to identify what she'd just made, looked into the trash, checking the box she'd just thrown out. "Looks like meatloaf. Nasty. Why'd we buy that?" It was probably her own fault. She had a bad habit of tossing stuff in the cart without looking.

"Whatever, there's ice cream in the freezer." She shrugged and perched herself at the table, swinging a leg over the back of one rickety chair. Pouring herself a glass of Coke, she smiled sweetly up at Buffy. "So how was work, B?"

There was an undertone to the question, one only Buffy would understand. The one benefit Buffy's position with the cops had was that it meant she could keep an eye on the wires. Just in case anything came through like, say, looking for two murder suspects, one blonde, one brunette.

Buffy: "It was...interesting," Buffy said with a sigh, walking over to the scratched up end table they'd picked up off the side of the street. She began to unclip all the items on her belt -- the gun, the badge, the mace, placing them on the old wood. "I heard something." She paused, then looked back at Faith. "Not know, us. I mean, our kinda thing."

Faith: "Oh?" Faith perked up, looking instantly intrigued. That was the one thing Chicago'd been lacking: some serious Hellmouth activity. They could have gone to Cleveland, but that was the first place Giles And Company would look, natch. So here they were in Chi-town, with their skins and freedom but without much to slay. There had been a handful of vamps and one freaky green demon, but that'd been it. "Do tell."

Buffy: "Apparently, the Windy City has been suffering from a rash of people dying of exposure. And by 'exposure', I mean frozen in ice. In summer." Buffy unclipped her belt and set it down, then turned around and walked back over to their dinner table, where Faith was sitting.

Faith: "You're thinking something demony?" Had to be. Where else would that have come from but the depths of Hell? "Ice, huh?" Not something she'd seen before... But she didn't subscribe to the Stuffy Old British Guys method of looking up things in books and analyzing to death. For one thing, it wasn't usually actually to death. If there was a big ice demon running around, they'd find it and beat it up till it died, plain and simple.

Buffy: Buffy shrugged a little.

"That's what I'm thinking. We don't really have any kinda research materials here, so all we have is guess work. But either way, there's something nasty out there, and it's our job to keep people safe from it."

Faith: Faith mimicked her shrug. "Here's our research: we patrol, we find the thing, we kill it." That settled, as far as she was concerned, she tucked into her gross microwave meatloaf.


"You've got to have a good idea where to start, at least, right? Does this creep have a neighborhood he likes to terrorize or anything?"

Buffy: "From what I saw, it's not too far away from here." Buffy picked up her single-serving meatloaf, staring at it for a moment before sitting down at the table and taking a chunk out of it with her fork. Her mother's cooking, it was not.

She missed home cooked meals.

"I only had access to some of the reports, but."

Faith: "Some?" Faith raised a brow. "You gotta step up the game, B. What's the point of you being there if you can't get access?" Otherwise, it was all risk and no reward... and Faith liked risk, but in this case, it was just stupid.

She sighed, prodding at the fake mashed potato side with her fork. "All right, anyway, after dinner we'll go check out Ice Guy's stomping grounds. Maybe catch him in the act."

Buffy: "There's only so fast I can move up ranks, Faith. And if I went any faster, I'd just call attention to myself." She speared some meatloaf. "The way it is now, I blend into the background. That's a benefit to me."

Faith: It was hard to argue with that, although Faith kind of wanted to anyway, if only for old times' sake. The last thing they needed was attention of the 'what's up with the new chick' variety. The last thing they needed was anyone connecting Buffy to her, or either of them to Sunnydale.

"Fine, whatever," she muttered, cracking her knuckles. "But I'm getting impatient. We better get some action tonight. I need a good slay in me."

Buffy: Buffy nearly choked on her meatloaf, hearing something completely different at first.

"Right, yeah, of course." She coughed a little. "Sounds good."

Faith: Well, that too. Faith caught Buffy's little cough and smirked, raising a brow high. "Something wrong, Buff? Not choking up before the big game, are you?"

Buffy: "No, I'm fine, I'm fine," Buffy dismissed, waving a hand. "Just...went down the wrong pipe, is all."

Faith: Yeah, Faith was clearly buying that. She smirked and shrugged, finishing off her meatloaf and getting to her feet. "Got any plans for after the big night?" she teased, dumping the plastic container in the trash, tossing the fork in the half-piled sink.
She leaned against the counter, leering at Buffy. "I know how you get after slaying. I mean, I know how I get after slaying..." She pulled out a compact, reapplying her lipstick. "Maybe we should go clubbing."

Buffy: "Because what we need right now is a lot of attention," Buffy replied, but, truth be told, going out didn't sound that bad. She missed going out and hanging with her friends at the Bronze. Obviously her friends wouldn't be here, and the Bronze wouldn't be here, but it'd be somewhat the same. Besides, it had been so much fun to go out with Faith after a long night of staking. It indulged that primal part of the Slayer that Buffy had always fought against.

Faith: "Yeah, Buffy. We're really going to get a lot of attention being one of a hundred girls at some club downtown." Faith rolled her eyes. There was careful, and there was paranoid. "If you can hang out with the fucking PD every day, there's no way I'm sitting at home on my ass. What's the worst that can happen? You actually sleep with someone?"

Buffy: Buffy rolled her eyes. This was Faith, being Faith. As much as she'd bonded with the other Slayer over their...Slayer-ness, the two of them could be pretty damned different in personality.

"...fine. We'll go out." She paused. "IF we take down whatever it is tonight."

Faith: "Deal." Faith flashed another saccharine smile. "So, chocolate or vanilla?" She sauntered over to the freezer. "Gotta that energy up."

Buffy: Buffy leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest. She couldn't deny she felt a little zing of excitement. They weren't going slaying tonight -- they were going hunting, and Buffy could already feel a bit of the buzz.

"...I think I'll go with chocolate tonight."
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