Det. Dani Reese, LAPD (notsopowerless) wrote in the_27th_rpg,
Det. Dani Reese, LAPD

You are not at all edgy looking. ((Closed RP, Ned and Dani))

So the clerks at the art shop, unsurprisingly, knew nothing. That had pretty much been the story all over town. There had been one thing at the shop, though. A tall brunette guy -- white and pasty -- edging his way out of the shop. He'd left before Dani had a chance to question him, and you couldn't actually bring people down to the station for being in art shops. But she kept his face in mind, and when she happened to pop into a diner to grab a cup of coffee, who did she, eating a plate full of bland-looking pasta? Art store guy!

Without waiting for an invitation, Dani took the seat next to tall, brunette, and awkward.

"Hi there. I'm Detective Reese. You remember me from the art store?"
Tags: closed post, dani reese, in the city, ned the piemaker
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