27th_mod (27th_mod) wrote in the_27th_rpg,

OOC: Apologies! / Chat?

Hey all!

I just wanted to say that I know things have been super slow lately. Unfortunately, both mods got hit with unforeseen IRL complications at roughly the same time, and so we've both been away from our computers and our happy RP funtiems. We're really sorry for not being around much. Please bear with us a little bit.

In the interest of getting things up to speed again, I was wondering if there'd be any interest in setting up a gamewide AIM or IRC chatroom? Maybe even an organized chat, to kick things off? It'd be great to chat with everyone OOC: it will give you guys a chance to give your input, us a chance to get to know you all better, and everyone a chance to talk to each other and maybe come up with some great ideas. Thoughts?

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Group chat sounds like it would be an interesting and good idea. Personally, I'm leaning in favor of the IRC chatroom.

At the very least, it would be possible to do an e-mail exchange.
I'll vote for AIM, seeing as that's what works best for everyone. We should probably designate someone to log the chat though, that way if someone can't make it, at least they can see what was discussed.
More in favour of the AIM rather IRC as I'm familiar with the former.
Hey all -- sorry that it took me so long to respond to this, and for the rampant tag dropping. I've had a sudden death in the family, that's taken up the bulk of my time. But nothing could be more awesome right now than a distraction, so expect tags later this afternoon!

I am all for either chatroom -- I am leaning towards AIM, if only because it looks like all of us have AIM access. What times are good for everyone? I currently live in Japan, so we are probably looking at opposite time zones -- no need to plan around my crazy schedule, pick what works best for everyone else.
That sounds awesome. :3